Simple changes to your oral hygiene routine and diet can have big benefits on your oral and overall health

Caring for your teeth and gums means cleaning them on a regular basis. Did you know certain foods and drinks can also benefit your oral health? Since oral health is linked to overall health, it’s important to pay close attention to the food you eat and how you clean your teeth each day. Incorporating these foods into your diet can help your dental health. It’s important to maintain good dental health because of the way it impacts your body. Poor oral health is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetic complications, strokes and other diseases. Eating and drinking the items on this list can help you strengthen your teeth, keep your body healthy and avoid health complications.


Milk, cheese and yogurt

Dairy products contain calcium, which strengthens your bones and teeth. The vitamins and minerals in foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt can help your teeth stay healthy.



A great snack option that’s not only healthy but is another great source of calcium is almonds. They’re low in sugar, which is beneficial to your oral health because sugar can raise the acidity levels in your mouth and harm your enamel. If your tooth enamel is compromised, you become more susceptible to cavities and decay. In the long run, these kinds of tooth problems can also lead to gum disease. Studies show that gum disease is linked with respiratory disease, coronary artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis and problems controlling blood sugar in diabetes. 



Carrots and spinach are both excellent sources of nutrients for your body. Spinach contains high calcium levels, which helps rebuild tooth enamel. Carrots also help repair tooth enamel thanks to vitamin A and keratin found in the crunchy vegetable. As mentioned before, protecting tooth enamel is important for preventing cavities and decay. This can also prevent gum disease which is linked to other serious health problems.



Fruit is a great alternative to sweet treats. Apples have low acidity levels, which is important for strong teeth. Foods with high acidity can wear down your enamel.



When you’re thirsty, your best option is always to reach for a glass of still water. It keeps your body well hydrated and doesn’t contain any acidity. It’s also a great way to flush your mouth free of food particles after a big meal.


Don’t forget to clean your teeth once a day

While we recommend eating these foods, we don’t recommend relying on them to protect your teeth alone. You should spend between seven and 10 minutes a day cleaning your teeth. We also recommend visiting a dentist on a regular basis and communicating with both your dentist and primary care physician about your oral health. Caring for your oral health means caring for your whole health and preventing diseases.

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