Cleaning your teeth benefits you in more ways than you realize

Keeping your mouth clean doesn’t just give you fresh breath and a pretty smile. It has other lifelong benefits to your overall health and well-being.


Oral health is connected to overall health


You can prevent health problems with proper oral hygiene. Here at The Dental Medical Convergence, we like to say your mouth is the front door to your body. That means infections in your mouth can get into your bloodstream and spread to other parts of your body. Periodontal disease increases chronic inflammation, which is a key contributor to many health problems, including cardiovascular disease. Poor oral hygiene is also linked to pregnancy complications, cancer, sepsis, and bacterial pneumonia.


A healthy mouth is also beneficial for children and their academic performance. Research shows that students with dental problems and toothaches miss a lot of school days. Follow our tips to help your child establish a simple and fun oral hygiene routine.


Lower your cancer risk 


We recommend you visit a dentist regularly for oral exams. Your dentist will screen you for oral cancer during your exams. The earlier you detect this disease, the better. Regular cleanings will also help alleviate plaque buildup, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. Most dentists suggest you have a cleaning twice a year, but your dentist will decide what’s best based on your oral health. Remember, prevention is key to saving you time and money.


Protect your smile

Keep your teeth protected and avoid losing them with proper oral hygiene. One of the main reasons for tooth loss is poor oral care. Severe tooth decay and gum infections often lead to tooth loss, and it can be expensive to replace teeth. Spending seven to 10 minutes once a day cleaning your teeth will help prevent plaque buildup and other dental problems. That’s something you can smile about.

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