Ask Me Anything with Dr. Chuck

We’re here to answer all your dental and oral health questions. You can ask us anything! We’ll feature your question during one of our Ask Me Anything segments. Click on the videos below to find out important information that could help you lead a healthier life.

What should you do if you have sensitive teeth?

Read “Ask Me Anything: How to help sensitive teeth” to learn how to alleviate pain from tooth sensitivity.

How can I still satisfy my sweet tooth and prevent dental problems?

Read “Ask Me Anything: Why doesn’t medical insurance cover the mouth?” to find out Dr. Chuck’s insight into this topic.

How can I still satisfy my sweet tooth and prevent dental problems?

Read “How your sweet tooth affects your dental health” to learn how eating sugar impacts dental and overall health.

What triggered your interest in the oral-systemic connection?

Read “Why the oral-systemic connection matters” to learn about the link between your dental health and overall health.

Do you really need a healthy mouth to have a healthy body?

Read “Do you really need a healthy mouth to have a healthy body?” to learn how poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and pregnancy complications.

What should we ask our primary care physician about our mouth and our oral health?

Read “What’s your physician’s position?” to find out what your doctor should be checking and asking you during your next checkup.

What are you hoping to accomplish with The Dental Medical Convergence?

Read “The Dental Medical Convergence Mission: Bridging the dental-medical divide” to learn about the goal of our non profit and how we’re helping doctors and dentists improve patient care.

Is it overkill to floss twice a day?

Read “To floss, or not to floss?” to learn proper flossing techniques and what to avoid doing when cleaning in between your teeth.

What causes a cavity?

Read “Where do cavities come from” to find out the surprising root of cavities and how to avoid them.

Can you share a real-life example of someone who had a medical condition that was related to their mouth?

Read “Connecting the dots” to find out how oral health problems are often connected to overall health problems.

From real life examples, how has taking better care of a person’s oral health had an impact on their overall health?

Read “Alice’s unnecessary struggle” to see how treating severe gum disease helped one woman improve her overall health.

Should our doctors be looking inside of our mouths or should that be left to the dentist?

Read “It’s all about teamwork” to learn how a healthy mouth equals a healthy body.

What are the best ways for me to clean in between my teeth?

Read “A journey in between” to find out the most effective ways to clean in between your teeth.

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