Check out all the research we’ve compiled for you to watch, read, and listen to on the mouth’s impact on the rest of the body.

Dr. Chuck’s message for physicians:

Dr. Chuck wants doctors to start requesting dental health reports from their patients’ dentists. That way, they can find out if the patient has any tooth or gum infections, airway obstructions connected to sleep apnea, or other important health issues. Dr. Chuck believes this kind of communication will benefit patients and doctors.

How do you know that you’re making a difference?

In this video, Dr. Chuck talks about his experience with improving patients’ health. He uses real-life examples of patients he’s helped and recounts how he connected the issues they were experiencing inside their mouths with other health problems throughout their bodies.

How oral care at home can save you money:

Watch this video to find out how eight to 10 minutes a day can save you money in the long run. Dr. Chuck will explain how you can avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor and dentist, and how you can put those co-pays toward something a little more fun.

Life-changing experiences at the dentist:

Hear the life-changing stories of patients Dr. Chuck has helped in his decades of work as a dentist. He’ll also talk about how the bacteria in your mouth can lead to cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and pregnancy complications.

Dental exams prior to surgery:

In this video, Dr. Chuck discusses the benefit of seeing a dentist for clearance before you have surgery.

What causes a cavity:

In this video, Dr. Chuck talks about what leads to a cavity and why sugar isn’t always the culprit.

Censorship in medicine:​

Watch this video discussion between Dr. Chuck and Suzanne Cheesman on vaccine research and freedom of speech in medicine.

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