Optimize your oral health with these hygiene tips and foods

Caring for your teeth and gums means cleaning them on a regular basis. Did you know certain foods and drinks can also benefit your oral health? Since oral health is linked to overall health, it’s important to pay close attention to the food you eat and how you clean your teeth each day. Incorporating these foods into your diet can help your dental health. It’s important to maintain good dental health because of the way it impacts your body. Poor oral health is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetic complications, strokes and other diseases. Eating and drinking the items on this list can help you strengthen your teeth, keep your body healthy and avoid health complications. 

Back to school: Dental care tips for your children

It’s that time of year again – students are headed back to school. Here’s one thing you can do to ensure your child doesn’t miss many school days this year: Keep an eye on their dental health. 

Keep your kids teeth healthy with the right summer snacks.

Choosing summer snacks that will keep your family’s teeth healthy

The long, warm days of summer are here. Children are enjoying summer break, families are taking vacations, and routines often lose track. That’s OK! You can still continue proper oral care while enjoying the dog days of summer. When it’s hot outside, children often reach for juices, ice pops, and salty snacks to satisfy their cravings. Here are four of the best snack and drink choices for your teeth, and tips for preventing tooth decay.

6 tips for winning at dental care with braces

Wearing braces can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether your dentist recommends traditional metal braces or the newer invisible orthodontic devices, each works in a similar way by gently forcing your teeth into alignment over an extended period of time. As your teeth slowly shift, the bones beneath them shift as well, and in no time, your teeth are straight and aligned, just as they should be. Of course, it’s not exactly a walk in the park: One of the biggest downfalls of having braces is the extra care required to take good care of your teeth until the braces come off. Braces make brushing and flossing your teeth much more difficult, and the tiny nooks and crannies that braces create are the perfect hiding spots for food particles and bacteria. If you don’t modify your dental hygiene practices while wearing braces, you could end up with a straight smile that’s filled with cavities and periodontal disease.

Holiday healthy teeth: 3 ways to protect your mouth during the holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate, eat festive treats and toast to our family and friends. But all those gingerbread cookies, eggnog cocktails, and candy canes wreak havoc on our dental health. Here’s some advice when it comes to drinking, eating, and making merry over the holiday season.