See why the oral-systemic connection is important for an overall healthy body.

Why the oral-systemic connection matters

Caring for your teeth doesn’t just provide you with a great smile, white teeth, and fresh breath. Caring for your teeth also means you’re protecting your heart, your lungs, and your overall health. It’s all part of the oral-systemic connection. More and more research has emerged over the last 20 years to support the link between oral health and overall health. The Dental Medical Convergence is on a mission to share this important health information with patients, dentists, and doctors.

Learn about the oral and body health connection.

Connecting the Dots: Your mouth and your body

For many people, it isn't easy to think of our body as one connected machine. It is easier to think of ourselves as separate working parts that make up a whole. This is how we have been taught as young children, and it is how the medical community deals with health issues. If you go to your doctor with a specific health concern, the symptoms are treated, and you are sent on your way. Very seldom do doctors utilize a whole-health approach and look at the entire body to find connections between illness and the symptoms being experienced. Unfortunately, this is causing people all over the world to suffer needlessly.

Holiday healthy teeth: 3 ways to protect your mouth during the holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate, eat festive treats and toast to our family and friends. But all those gingerbread cookies, eggnog cocktails, and candy canes wreak havoc on our dental health. Here’s some advice when it comes to drinking, eating, and making merry over the holiday season.