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We are on a mission to educate people about the importance of oral health and how it can impact the health of the body.

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Tavares Neighbors April 2022 cover

A story about The Dental Medical Convergence appeared in the April 2022 issue of Tavares Neighbors Magazine.

Story highlights:

  • The reasons for the creation of The Dental Medical Convergence
  • How the nonprofit is working to spread the message that oral health affects overall health
  • How consumers, patients, doctors, and dentists can learn more about the nonprofit and access educational materials

Dr. Jesse Green interviewed Dr. Chuck in February 2022.

Interview highlights:

  • Dr. Chuck explained the oral-systemic connection.
  • He talked about the diseases typically linked to oral health problems.
  • Dr. Chuck provided resources for patients and doctors to learn more about the mouth’s impact on overall health.

Dr. Mark Costes interviewed Dr. Chuck in April 2022.

Interview highlights:

  • Dr. Chuck explained how he’s working to bring together patients, dentists, and doctors to better understand the link between oral health and overall health through his work with the Dental Medical Convergence.
  • The doctors discussed the importance of the oral-systemic connection.
  • Dr. Chuck explained how dentists and doctors can work together to improve patient health.

Sara Juliano interviewed Dr. Chuck in May 2022.

Interview highlights:

  • Dr. Chuck explained why bridging the gap between dental and medical professionals is so important for patient health.
  • He discussed how poor oral health can impact your overall health.
  • The episode will help you understand the oral-systemic connection.

Dr. Vijaya Molloy interviewed Dr. Chuck in May 2022.

Interview highlights:

  • Dr. Chuck explained why keeping your mouth clean is so important to your overall health.
  • The dentists discussed the problem with treating a dental or health issue rather than offering a cure.
  • You’ll hear more about the controversial research linking root canal therapy to cancer.

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